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Pro Training Camp


We organize training camps for professional soccer teams in exclusive facilities and complexes in Spain. A reference when elite soccer clubs around the world have to select a venue for a stage.

With more than 17 years of experience in the selection of top-level sports and training centers, we know how to adapt to the specific needs of each client. The best clubs always look for very clear objectives: security, tranquility and an excellent diet.

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Many teams across Europe are fully aware of the benefits of stays in warmer climates, good weather helps to ease the stresses and strains typical of busy winter calendars.

Our football tours offer players and coaches the opportunity to recharge their batteries before the start of the second half of the season, commonly considered the most exhausting of the football season.

Teams will enjoy our high-quality facilities, all the comforts high performance players need, as well as multiple recreational activities to complete the experience.

Our sports facilities and high-performance center are located in quiet surroundings in Spain, offering the perfect setting for a pleasant and productive experience.

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"Throughout our stay, the On Sports staff ensured that all aspects of our stay were exactly as we had contracted and were available to accommodate any last minute requests."

-David Navarro, "Granada CF" -



We take care of everything ...

1. Training sessions on state-of-the-art soccer fields.
2. Accommodation in 3 * and 4 * star hotels, with proven experience in hosting professional football.
3. Category promotions for coaches and club managers (subject to availability).
4. Use of massage room, rehabilitation area and meeting room.
5. All transfers covered.
6. Sportswear laundry service.
7. Use of Jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool and gym.
8. Organization of friendly matches with federated officials.
9. Mineral water during training.
10. Personalized customer service and 24/7 presence of OnSports staff.
11. Full board and personalized diet options for athletes, (to be specified before arrival)
12. Cultural visits to historical monuments of interest and many other leisure and tourism activities.
13. Tickets to matches of the best European competitions.
14. We will also be happy to study any request or additional need for your equipment.


We are specialized in organizing friendly matches with other teams and we offer you the opportunity to participate in our international soccer tournaments based in different places in Spain.

European teams such as Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, Málaga CF, Real Betis Balompié, Sevilla CF, Villarreal CF, FC Internationale Milano, PSG and Benfica FC, are some of the main teams that participate each anus.

During the tournaments we have referees and federated official assistants, medical assistance on the fields, sports insurance for the players and authorizations granted by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.




TEL: +34 951 385 524 |

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